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Staff & Volunteers


As a non profit organisation we depend on dedicated staff to lead a strong team of volunteers to achieve our goals. At present we have over 55 volunteers who help with running the Centre, providing help in lessons to provide therapy, looking after the horses and ponies, training and development, fundraising and maintenance of our land & buildings. 


The history of Val and Arrow, where do we start? How long have we got?!

After having her family, Val decided she would like to give something back to the local community. She had always admired horses but never had the opportunity to ride, and also wanted to work with disabled people, so Arrow seemed the obvious choice. She started helping with lessons on a Tuesday morning in 1987. Soon afterwards she was asked to take over as Secretary which she reluctantly did. At that time Arrow was going through a very difficult period, and Val was asked to take over as Group Organiser, she said no, but is still here 30 years later!

Gradually Val has built Arrow up to the magnificent Centre it is today, everything she has been told she can’t do she has found a way to do anyway; no means yes!!

Over the years Val has received many prestigious awards in recognition of her dedication, including twice receiving the Dartfordian Award for Services to the Disabled, the Service Recognition Award from The Rotary Club, the Silver Jubilee Award from the RDA, and most importantly the British Empire Medal in 2015.

Val more or less lives at Arrow and can be found doing all sorts of things, from helping with lessons, to flying around on the tractor like a bat out of hell, or preparing amazing lunches for the conferences, she certainly is a woman of many talents and Arrow wouldn’t be here without her. 

The formal running of the Centre is through a committee of volunteers. The current Committee members are: Marilyn Stapley, Christine Luckings and Patricia McMillan. These members are actively involved at the Centre, assisting with lessons, organising fundraising events and promoting the Arrow. 

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