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Sponsor a horse

Would you like to help us care for our wonderful horses?

Whether it be a one-off donation, or a regular monthly amount, every little helps!!

You will become a named sponsor of your chosen horse, receive a photo, a car sticker, and an annual update about what they've been doing. 

Please contact the Centre or pop in and speak to Natalie Scott. 

One of our biggest costs is looking after our horses. On average they cost £200 each per month to keep in tip top condition! We must pay for the following essentials;

  • Hay and Feed - They eat a lot!

  • Bedding - They don't keep their bedrooms tidy!

  • Water - They drink a lot!

  • New shoes every six weeks - Their feet grow at the speed of sound!

  • Vet visits - They're complicated and delicate animals!

  • Dentist visits every 6 months - They are not good at brushing their teeth!

  • Regular Physio visits to keep their muscles feeling good - We've told them to do yoga everyday bu they don't listen!

  • Regular Saddler visits to make sure their tack fits comfortably - They're not good at telling us if their saddle is pinching!

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