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Regionals & Nationals News

Regionals 2022

First regionals since Covid and Arrow smashed it!

On the 1st June, Arrow riders competed at the Greater London regional competition at Penniwells in Hertfordshire.

Jane Styles, Govind Nambiar, Ella Bennett, Jessica White and Emily Harvey took part this year with Baline and Mia.  We are all so proud of our riders for not only gaining amazing results, riding to the best of their ability but also because they continuously cheered each other on throughout the day.  

1st - Govind & Baline - Grade 1 dressage - 69%

2nd - Jane & Mia - Grade 6 dressage - 71.5%

3rd - Ella & Baline - Grade 6 dressage - 67.9%

1st - Jess & Baline - Grade 7 dressage - 70.2%

1st - Emily & Baline - Walk only led dressage - 68.6%

1st - Emily & Mia - Country Side Challenge led - 80+%

1st - Jess & Baline - Country Side Challenge Independent - 90+%

Good luck everyone at the Nationals!!






Regional Championships 2019

On Wednesday 29th May 2019 the RDA Greater London Regional Championships were held at Diamond RDA Centre near Croydon. Horses and riders attended from Arrow, Penniwells, Chigwell, Park Lane and Horse Rangers. Apparently it was the busiest Regionals to date with classes running all day until after 5pm.

Arrow was well represented with 9 riders competing in 12 different classes and they rode Hugo, Mia or Truffles.

First to go in the morning riding in her very first Regionals was Hannah Baker riding Hugo in the Grade 6 Canter test. She did an incredible job scoring 68.53% and winning the class! Congratulations!

We then had Emily Harvey riding Mia in the Countryside Challenge (led). They really do make a dynamic duo in this event and have already had some brilliant results in past years. They certainly didn’t disappoint this year, scoring a whopping 86.58% and again winning the class!

Next to go was Jessica White and Truffles in the I/D Canter test. This was a step up from last year in which they did the trot test. It was another fine performance scoring 68.16% and first place!

They were followed by Poppy Fawsett and Hugo competing in the I/D Trot test. They put in an amazing performance scoring a huge 74.25% and again winning the class! It was starting to become slightly embarrassing at this point and the other centres were wondering if we were going to give anyone else a chance ;)


Jessica and Poppy then competed in quick succession in the Countryside Challenge (independent) finishing first and second respectively with scores of 88.42% and 82.63%.

Last to go in the morning was Riscenda Morenas riding Mia in the Grade 3 dressage. They did a lovely test scoring 67.06% but it was a particularly strong class with some very experienced combinations, so unfortunately this left them outside of the qualifying positions.

Into the afternoon and first to go was Govind Nambia riding Truffles in the Grade 1-6 Walk test (junior). This was Govind’s first Regionals and it couldn’t have gone better! He scored 67.65% and finished in first place! Well done!


He was followed almost immediately by Monique Lock riding Mia, also in the Grade 1-6 Walk test (senior). It was another polished performance scoring 66.18% and second place. Monique also entered an individual collage into the Arts and Crafts class and finished second with a lovely piece showing her riding Mia in the country park.


By this point it was raining and pretty miserable, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the Arrow posy, because next to go was Leon Donegan and Hugo in the Grade 1 dressage. Leon has only been riding at Arrow for a short time and had only competed at the Regionals once before in 2012 when he was riding with Diamond. He put in a very special performance to score just shy of 72% and win the class!


To round off the day we had Jane Styles and Mia in the Grade 2 dressage. There were some very nice moments in what is a pretty technical test and she scored 63.16% and second place.


All of our riders did such an incredible job, we are so proud of all of you. We couldn’t be happier with the results and the whole day was so much fun. To have 8 riders qualified for the National Championships at Hartpury is absolutely amazing, and we can’t wait!


Thank you to everyone who helped, particularly the volunteers who came along on the day; Noelle, Jan, Sue, Chris and Pat.


Bring on the Nationals! Lets smash it Team Arrow!!! 


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