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A Cat-Ologue of Miss Smudge's Adventures


3. An Educated Feline



With our roots tracing back to Ancient China & Egypt, we cats have always kept our curiosity and thirst for knowledge. I therefore started to attend some of the outside training courses that have been held at Arrow. This was not easy – as for some inexplicable reason – not everyone likes cats!! This made it difficult to evade my step‐mum Val and some of the visitors to get into the classroom. However, I was desperate to know what was being taught.


I wondered why I bothered - most of the talks were about Health & Safety! What is the matter with you humans – always tripping – falling and being decidedly clumsy. Though I must say I'm not surprised, what do you expect when you only use two of your limbs for walking? You're just asking for trouble. Also, why worry about polishing your nails and making them look pretty, when you could develop a proper set of claws to give you some grip.


It's little wonder that cats were given nine lives, when we are the ones brainy enough to keep all four feet on the ground! Regular exercise, food and plenty of rest also help, so I suppose it's good that Arrow help riders with the first bit! 


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