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A Cat-Ologue of Miss Smudge's Adventures


4. Human Nature



Recently I walked across our front entrance for a quick breath of fresh air, when I noticed a delivery lorry arriving. Being my usual curious self, I waited to see what was being unloaded just in case it was a huge supply of cat food. 


I was disappointed. Unfortunately it was only several boxes of toilet rolls. This puzzled me, as cats go back centuries and have impeccable toilet habits - never needing to use any paper! Surely using toilet roll was an unnecessary expense, the money could be put to better use buying some nice fresh fish or chicken for me! 


This got me thinking about human toilet habits. For example, why did ladies always seem to go to the bathroom in pairs? Did this go back to Roman times, when bathrooms were a communal thing? We may never know.


One of our physiotherapists, Anita, places a lot of faith in the therapy of horse movements, but does it help with speedy digestion? I decided I had to carry out a study. The essential part of this study is to make sure your subject is unaware of your presence in order to get accurate results. 


In one of the disabled toilets there is a rack which contants hygeine supplies. This is where I found the ideal spot - a carton containing black rubbish sacks. With my black fur, this proved to be an ideal spot, I was virtually invisible! 


My patience was rewarded when my old friend Paul made a visit. I thought he might need a hand by way of a shock treatment. Suddenly I leapt out of my box - Paul certainly was surprised!


I'll admit my findings were inconclusive; did my surprise help Paul or not? He certainly left laughing! 


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