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Riding & Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy is a specific physiotherapy treatment that utilises the movements of the horse to achieve set goals and objectives.


It can only be carried out by a physiotherapist who has completed the relevant post-graduate training organised by The Association of Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding.

In addition, various school movements such as transitions and circles can be used to challenge the rider's balance in a number of planes, whilst simultaneously developing their core stability.


It is important to match horse to rider, as a pony with a short, choppy stride, whilst excellent for waking up the muscles of a more floppy rider, could have a devastating effect on a rider who is already stiff. In this case, a horse with a long, more fluid stride can aid relaxation of the stiff muscles. This matching process is carefully carried out by trained professionals at the Arrow.


Find out more about our professionals at Meet The Team.

Aside from the obvious psychological and emotional benefits of being around horses, there are many physical benefits to those who are safely able to ride.


The rhythmical movements of the horse at walk, mimic those of the human pelvis and thus enable the rider to feel and experience the pelvic movements necessary for normal gait.


Our riders are on an individual plan adapted to their specific needs by our qualified instructors and physio team.


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